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IMS TECHNOLOGIES and NiEW win prestigious “Red Dot Award”

IMS Technologies, a global leader in the design and production of high-tech machinery for various sectors such as converting and packaging, and NiEW, a strategic consulting firm with strong expertise in industrial customer experience, have won the “Red Dot Award: Best of the Best 2024” in the Design Concept category.

Established in 1955, the Red Dot Design Award is one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world. The Red Dot brand is internationally recognised as a sought-after mark of quality for good design. The Design Concept category was introduced in 2005 to identify and celebrate innovative design concepts that are precursors to future products. The Best of the Best Award is the highest recognition in this field. The award ceremony will be held in Singapore on 10 October.

New Generation HMI project

The New Generation HMI project aims to reduce learning and execution times and identify new digital touchpoints to enhance customer experience. The concept is characterised by a modern aesthetic and a completely new user experience based on intuitiveness and accessibility.

This next-generation HMI offers intuitive management of the cutting station with real-time feedback on machine status, a fully customisable dashboard according to user preferences, and detailed sensor graphs for better production and maintenance diagnostics. The core of this solution is a meticulously designed user interface aimed at optimising user engagement and interaction. Each section of the HMI is designed to offer optimal functionality and ease of use.

“The awarding of the ‘Red Dot Award: Best of the Best 2024’ in the Design Concept category to IMS Technologies fills us with satisfaction and comes as the culmination of intense research and development, conducted side by side with NiEW, whose main objective was to define a new standard of absolute excellence for the human-machine interface, based on concepts such as enhancing the user experience, ease of use, and application scalability. IMS Technologies has always been distinguished by its propensity for innovation and its desire to offer valuable solutions,” said Stefano Bartolini, CEO of IMS Technologies.

Intuitive and highly functional

“The human-machine interface we developed together with NiEW is not only surprisingly intuitive and easy to use, but also highly functional, which was our primary goal. It allows us to monitor the various stages of machine operation and intervene quickly when needed,” added Fabio Cantamessa, Automation Manager of IMS Technologies.

“We are happy and proud to receive this important recognition for our work, partnering with IMS Technologies on a project that has elevated the quality level of the user experience for a sector with very specific processes,” said Daniele De Cia, Partner and President of NiEW.

“This achievement was made possible thanks to a proven design method that involved IMS experts and their customers, whom we met directly at their production sites across Europe and Asia. Such a careful analysis approach to capturing the needs and requests of end users allowed us to design the functionalities in detail, ensuring great efficiency during the development phase,” stated Teresa Alaniz, Design Director of NiEW.



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