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Admittedly, there are several definitions for this term. For our media, however, we define converting as the coating and/or processing of flexible materials in a roll-to-roll process. Films, foils, paper and nonwovens are the main types of materials that can be processed in such a way. Whenever we discuss coating technologies in this context, we usually mean roll-to-roll coating. Another core element of the converting process is the slitting and winding of the rolls.

Flextronics is our abbreviation for flexible electronics. Other frequently used terms include printed electronics, organic electronics, or plastic electronics. Usually, flexible electronics involve the printing of conductive structures (inks) onto flexible substrates. This can also happen in a roll-to-roll process, but sheet processes or other additive manufacturing methods such as 3D printed electronics can also be found in this sector. New form factors, more sustainable production methods and a less expensive way of manufacturing electronic devices are among the main advantages of flexible electronics over conventional (rigid) electronics.

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We care about the environment, too – and so do the industries we cover. Plastics are necessary and beneficial in a vast number of applications. We require them for optimal hygiene, product protection on the shelves of a supermarket, and all other instances in which paper packaging is just not a possibility. The circular economy is by no means perfect yet, but we are getting there! And did you know that e-mobility wouldn’t be possible without separator foils in batteries?

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