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M2N Converting Gipfel
M2N Converting Gipfel
Eindrücke vom 1. M2N Converting Gipfel in Hamburg
PRO Flexconvert EN 2-2024
PRO Flexconvert EN 2-2024
Magazine for Converting Professionals
PRO Flexconvert DE 2-2024
PRO Flexconvert DE 2-2024
Magazin für Converting Professionals
Our Guidelines

1. Connecting Professionals

Networking is our bread and butter. We connect people and companies from all parts of the supply chains of the industries we serve and thus make a significant contribution to their success. We not only know our industries on a technological level, but also know what makes the people behind the machines tick and what really moves them.

2. Multi-channel communication

Print media continues to be highly relevant for our specialist audience. At the same time, more and more digital media formats are being developed, which are being introduced by providers of specialised media with very different levels of success. When it comes to our digital platforms, we always focus on the formats that really suit our target groups! In addition to the “classic” online news, these are primarily podcasts, video reports, webinars and email newsletters. For our social media activities, we rely entirely on LinkedIn, where we can reach the relevant people and target groups for our media brands in a targeted manner.

3. Global presence, special events

By travelling to trade fairs, conferences and industry events around the world, we always have our finger on the pulse of the industries we serve. We believe in the “magic” of personal contacts and cultivate these as often as possible. In addition, we offer our own face-to-face and online events that enable in-depth networking in a more intimate atmosphere. Internal and external experts who speak at our events should always offer real added value, beyond sales presentations and “empty business-speak”!

4. Fundamental Values

As a company, we stand up for democracy, human rights and freedom of the press. We want all people to be treated equally regardless of gender, sexual identity, skin colour, origin, religion and age. We are firmly opposed to racism and anti-Semitism and reject extremism of any kind.

5. Sustainability

We recognise our responsibility to do our part to curb man-made climate change and develop constructive solutions for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. On a journalistic level, we accompany “green” innovations in the sectors we serve with a critical distance. We reject “greenwashing”. As a company, we include sustainability aspects in all investment decisions and favour climate-neutral means of transport for business trips whenever possible.

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