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    The essentials for a true ConvertingPRO . . .

    The coating and processing of web-shaped materials such as films, paper and nonwovens is as versatile as it is fascinating. Only the complex interplay of specialised machines, peripheral devices, automation solutions, software and measurement technology ensures the perfect result – and satisfied customers.The new converting magazine PRO Flexconvert helps you keep track! Always up-to-date, well-informed, reliable and with a pinch of entertainment.

    Take off into the flexible future . . .

    Flexible, printed and organic electronics is no longer a dream of the future. PRO Flextronics accompanies the young industry on its way into the mass markets: healthcare, mobility, wearables, flexible displays, OPV – we have got them all! Are you part of the value chain or would you like to invest in your flexible future? Then look no further!

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