Advanced protective, functional, and aesthetic films for consumer electronics are achieved using graphene nanotubes
16. May 2024

Products & Innovations

OCSiAl announces breakthrough in 3C – Graphene nanotubes combine conductivity and transparency

Films play a crucial role in the consumer electronics industry, safeguarding smartphones, tablets, and laptops (the so-called 3C) from scratches, fingerprints, and dust. As the demand for such devices rises, the need for functional and aesthetically pleasing protective coatings is expanding, with a forecasted global market growth of 5.33% by 2027. Graphene nanotubes offer a […]

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Major upgrade for doctor blade technology

Esterlam Advanced Doctor Blades have surfaced as pivotal players in the industry, providing unparalleled advantages and facilitating improved coating processes in the production of battery separators and electronic coatings. Printing Technology Wache (Görlitz, Germany) provides an overview in this technical article. With the ongoing expansion of the new energy sector, there is an increasing need […]

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The Esterlam Portfolio of Advanced Doctor Blades
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15. May 2024 |

Companies & Markets

ams OSRAM restructures microLED development

ams OSRAM has initiated a substantial restructuring of microLED development, with more than 500 employees affected. Remaining activities will focus on microLED technology for own automotive applications. “The industry dynamics in our LED markets have changed with cancellation of the microLED cornerstone project. We adjust our strategy accordingly and continue to strengthen investments in the […]

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14. May 2024 |

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E Ink Spectra 6 wins Display of the Year at Display Week 2024

E Ink, pioneer and global commercial leader in ePaper technology, announced that the Spectra 6 full-colour ePaper was recognised with a Display of the Year award by the Society for Information Display. This recognition adds E Ink to a roster of innovative companies that received the award, including Apple, Samsung, BOE, 3M, and more. “Having […]

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13. May 2024 |

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Online Exclusive

Fortune Business Insights – “Flexible Electronics redefine Wearables and Display Technology”

Flexible electronics, popularly known as flex circuits, are electronic circuits with irregular shapes, a result of bending, twisting, and conforming inorganic or organic flexible plastic substrates. These devices find applications in multiple industries, with businesses seeking demand for durable, portable, and lightweight electronic devices. Consequently, these superior properties generate a mammoth demand for wearable electronics […]

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12. May 2024 |

Products & Innovations

LG Display equips Korea’s new high-speed underground railway with transparent OLEDs

LG Display, a leading innovator of display technologies, has supplied transparent OLED displays to a train for the first time in Korea. They have been installed on the country’s newly launched Great Train eXpress (GTX). As one of the world’s fastest underground rail services, operating at approximately three times the speed of conventional subway trains, […]

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9. May 2024 |

People & Appointments

TactoTek adds Ex-Mercedes technology leader Hubert Bieder as advisor

Global smart surface technology leader TactoTek has engaged Hubert Bieder as a strategic advisor. Bieder, formerly the Manager of Smart Materials at Mercedes-Benz AG, will actively participate in guiding TactoTek research and development activities for high-value use cases and streamlining the path from proof-of-concept to serial production for in-mold structural electronics (IMSE) solutions. He brings […]

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