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19. July 2024

Companies & Markets

Identiv announces strategic partnership with Omnilert

Identiv, Inc., a global digital security and identification leader in the Internet of Things (IoT), enters a strategic partnership with Omnilert, a leading provider of AI visual gun detection technology. Through this partnership, Identiv became a reseller of Omnilert Gun Detect, integrating its advanced gun detection capabilities into the Velocity Vision Ecosystem to significantly enhance […]

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18. July 2024 |

Companies & Markets

Ynvisible supplies e-paper maintenance indicators

Ynvisible Interactive Inc. has announced an important collaboration with a leading provider of air compressors and compressed air systems. Ynvisible has developed an innovative maintenance timer based on its e-paper displays to replace traditional analogue time stickers. The projected volume to be delivered to the customer over the next three years is 105,000 units, valued […]

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16. July 2024 |

Products & Innovations

Quad Industries advances muscle activity monitoring

Quad Industries’ client TMSi, a company specialising in EEG and HD-EMG research, wanted to advance muscle activity monitoring by creating a new textile HD-EMG grid that would address the limitations of using rigid traditional grids. These innovative textile grids are made with a flexible material that forms perfectly to the skin, minimising the chance of […]

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14. July 2024 |


Oxford PV achieves record-setting solar module efficiency

Oxford PV, a global pioneer in next-generation solar technology, has achieved a new world record in solar module efficiency. The 60-cell residential-size module, produced with the company’s perovskite-on-silicon tandem solar cells, has achieved an unprecedented efficiency of 26.9%, surpassing the current best silicon modules ~25% with a similar designated module area. The breakthrough double-glass module, […]

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12. July 2024 |

Companies & Markets

Inuru opens new customer experience department in Warsaw

Inuru announces the move to a new location in Warsaw and simultaneously the opening of the brand-new Customer Experience Department. This department serves as the interface between customers, design, and the production of OLED technology. In addition to the Customer Experience Architects, the department includes its own design and production unit that aims to help […]

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10. July 2024 |

Exhibitions & Events

OE-A Competition 2025 – Calling innovators in Printed Electronics

The OE-A is on the lookout for inventors, creators, and designers. The OE-A Competition 2025 is now open for submissions, seeking new products, prototypes, and designs in the realm of flexible, organic, and printed electronics. All entries will be showcased at LOPEC 2025 and beyond. The goal of the OE-A Competition is to promote and […]

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