GOEBEL IMS' Hyperslit Giant


IMS TECHNOLOGIES introduces GOEBEL IMS Portfolio for nonwoven applications and strategic partnership for Turkey

IMS TECHNOLOGIES, a leader in the mechanical engineering and construction of slitter rewinders and automatic winders, highlights the GOEBEL IMS portfolio for nonwoven applications. With a legacy spanning over 170 years and more than 11,000 machines installed globally, GOEBEL IMS – a brand of IMS TECHNOLOGIES – boasts a long-standing experience in converting a wide range of materials.

According to IMS TECHNOLOGIES, “Leveraging our strong know-how, we provide tailor-made machinery to meet each customer’s specific technical needs, including the possibility of advanced automated solutions. Two slitter rewinders are part of our nonwoven portfolio: HYPERSLIT, our integrated and flexible slitter, and HYPERSLIT GIANT with a fully automatic handling system for rewinding shaft and core positioning, minimising the distance between cores without the need for spacers.” The HYPERSLIT GIANT, equipped with cutting-edge technology, demonstrates high performance and quality in handling various nonwoven materials, including spunbond, meltblown, sms, smms, and more.

Winding delicate materials

To complete their nonwoven portfolio, their complete range of slitting and winding solutions includes REVOWIND and JUMBOWIND. These in-line winders with single or double-winding drums are reported to be ideal for winding delicate and challenging materials. Upgradable with a slitting unit (only REVOWIND) and various automation options, these machines are equipped with a doffing system to minimise scrap.

“In our aim of enhancing customer productivity, we offer turn-key solutions covering everything from stock preparation to handling and packing of finished reels. These automatic, customised solutions aim to minimise operator activities and production errors. Our commitment extends beyond machine delivery, with after-sales solutions such as field or remote assistance, preventive maintenance, retrofit, upgrade, and rebuilding programmes. These offerings underscore our dedication to providing comprehensive support to our valued customers,” the company stated in a recent press release.

New agent for the Turkish market

As part of their efforts to be closer to their customers, IMS TECHNOLOGIES has introduced a new agent for the Turkish market in CFA TEKTSTIL. This addition is expected to provide valuable insights and information, contributing to the company’s mission of delivering excellence in the nonwovens converting industry. The new agent is reported to play a pivotal role in expanding their presence and strengthening partnerships in the dynamic Turkish market.

CFA TEKSTIL has been serving the Turkish Textile market since 1955. In nonwovens, with a wide product range, from web formation to converting lines, CFA Tekstil aims to fulfil the demands of customers with top-quality European OEMs. The company can supply all customer needs from a single source. The recently-added winders and slitters from Goebel IMS will enable them to offer turnkey solutions for spunlace, wetlaid, thermobonding, spunbond and meltblown production lines. The product range comprises blowroom units, cards, complete production lines for spunlace, wetlaid, spunbond, meltblown, fire & metal protection, AC units, lamination lines, bleached cotton lines, spare process belts, calenders, underpad and tampon production lines.


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