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KOCH inspires with new projects at the end of the year

At the end of the year, KOCH Industrieanlagen GmbH invited visitors to its headquarters in Dernbach, Germany, on 7 December 2023. The occasion was the informative and interactive KOCH demonstration day, during which the latest projects from the wide-ranging portfolio were presented.

The day began with a comprehensive presentation of the company and its wide range of services. The presentation was given by Thomas Theis, Head of Sales & Project Planning, and Marcel Müller, Area Sales Manager, and was extremely entertaining and amusing. This was followed by varied demonstrations of the current systems, which were presented in a test set-up. The systems were demonstrated during a tour of the three production halls, with Thomas Theis explaining the special features of each. The participants were able to see a wide range of robot systems for a wide variety of industries and products, including rolls, bottles, spools, bags, tubes and cartons. A particularly impressive sight was a robot system with three KUKA robots from different series, which pack various small and large rolls in a highly flexible manner for a customer from the converting industry. During the demonstration, there was also a special greeting for the day after St. Nicholas when palletising bags for the food sector: the robot palletised the bags in the appropriate Christmas garb – a green coat of paint with a Santa hat.

Pioneering software

Thomas Theis then proudly presented the KOCHnectivity software, which provides seamless connectivity to every system. It provides a wealth of important data to significantly improve planning and transparency. This avoids downtime and optimises system performance. “With this intuitive software, we not only manage to increase the effectiveness of the systems, but also raise customer satisfaction to a new level.”

In a relaxed atmosphere, the guests were then able to engage in intensive dialogue with the KOCH experts, get to know each other personally, strengthen existing partnerships and discuss automation issues in detail. Thomas Theis emphasised: “The event offers a unique combination of experience, expertise and personality to show what we do, what we can do and, above all, who we are. This creates the best conditions for trust and is the basis for long-term cooperation. Our KOCH demonstration day is an important tool for us to build a partnership-based relationship with our customers.”

Virtual reality

Visitors were also able to explore virtual reality during the KOCH demonstration day. This revolutionary application is now used for every KOCH order to give customers a detailed look at the finished solution before the system realisation begins. Participants were able to test the virtual reality glasses and immerse themselves in an immersive 360-degree environment. They were able to navigate through a robot system that had already been planned and experience the planned system in a realistic 3D experience. As a thank you for their participation, all guests received a special Christmas gift as an expression of appreciation. “We are delighted with the positive feedback and the opportunity to get to know our customers better. The demonstration day was a great success and we are already looking forward to further events in the coming year,” said Thomas Theis, Head of Sales & Project Planning.

Caption: Thomas Theis speaks to the guests at the KOCH demonstration day

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