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SCRIBOS and globaleyez – effective brand protection made in Germany

Brand protection and anti-counterfeiting came a long way – from physical markings and cease-and-desist letters to a highly data-driven arena today. Throughout this journey, two key measures have emerged as highly effective in combating counterfeiting and brand misuse: Digital anti-counterfeit product markings and online brand protection.

Traditionally, these two measures are managed separately. But there is a considerable untapped potential in integrating these strategies, that can greatly enhance the effectiveness of a brand protection programme. Thus, KURZ subsidiary SCRIBOS has joined forces with globaleyez to use the live and on-site data to develop a data-driven approach to unify these two measures effectively. This innovative method offers customers more comprehensive protection and significantly improves the efficiency of enforcing trademark and IP rights.

Vast online brand protection expertise

With its vast online brand protection expertise, globaleyez is regarded as the ideal ally to translate detection data into real brand protection results for all clients. With over a decade of experience, globaleyez is an industry-leading expert in brand protection and distribution control, with a focus on safeguarding the complete e-Commerce presence of brands and protecting their intellectual property rights, both online and offline. Their services include global monitoring of marketplaces, domains, images, social media, and app stores, test purchases in over 50 countries, sales tracking on major marketplaces, and targeted takedowns of IP infringements through to sustainable enforcement programs.

SCRIBOS, on the other hand, specialises in the development and manufacturing of innovative and secure product markings that work in synergy with their digital authentication technology and the SCRIBOS 360 platform. These solutions have not only combated counterfeiting and grey market for more than 20 years, but also provide avenues for customer interaction, track & trace, and market analysis.

Effective brand protection made in Germany

The two German companies, SCRIBOS and globaleyez, offer brand owners an innovative online-to-offline brand protection strategy that combines physical, digital and online protection measures and saves time and resources for their customers. Two illustrative examples show the effectiveness of this dynamic collaboration.

First example: Within the digital platform SCRIBOS 360, customers can report counterfeit products and upload relevant images. These reports provide specific data that globaleyez utilises for activities like test purchases and takedowns without requiring direct involvement from the client.

Second example: In the SCRIBOS 360 platform, suspicious scans are identified and highlighted as hotspots of fraud activities. globaleyez then conducts detailed OSINT investigations into these hotspots to identify potential businesses involved. Various factors, such as pricing or online presence are considered during the investigation. Subsequently, an inquiry is made, followed by test purchases. If these test purchases reveal counterfeit products, they become legally admissible evidence. This information is then shared with the brand’s legal team for targeted action.

Seamless integration

These examples show the power of the partnership between SCRIBOS and globaleyez, showcasing the seamless integration of services that offer a comprehensive and efficient solution to combat counterfeiting and brand misuse.

“Combining data from online investigation with scan data collected from authenticity checks is the future. As the challenges in our diverse industry increase, brands can find great relief in knowing that their brand protection measures are integrated and interlocked,” said Oliver Guimaraes, Managing Director at globaleyez.

“Through our combined solutions, there is now a concrete path to address the core issue and achieve a substantial, lasting decrease in counterfeit and unauthorised products,” highlighted Dr Tobias Kresse, Managing Director at SCRIBOS.


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