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tesa announces leap forward in product sustainability

tesa, international manufacturer of innovative adhesive tapes and self-adhesive product solutions, launched the 4965 Original Next Gen, an improved version of one of its most renowned products, the tesa 4965 Original. Due to the use of biomass-balanced acrylic monomers and 90% PCR PET in its backing, this innovative adhesive tape is now made with 40% less CO₂, while maintaining the same reliability and performance that customers have come to trust. 

tesa 4965 has been a staple in the industry, known for its exceptional performance and versatility for over four decades and is used as an industry standard for a variety of applications in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, furniture, household appliances, and buildings. For a long time now, the “red tape” has enjoyed a reputation for constantly surpassing itself. Whether it’s ensuring reliable bonding on cruise ships, providing critical support in medical technology, enhancing safety in airplanes, enabling precision in automotive applications, or delivering superior functionality in smartphones, tesa’s 4965 Original Next Gen aims to meet the evolving needs of diverse industries. Its high performance and durability are reported to make it the adhesive solution of choice for professionals worldwide. Its improved product sustainability, with a 40% reduction in CO₂ emissions, contributes to a more sustainable future without compromising on performance.

Strategic focus: Enhancing product sustainability

The development of more sustainable products is a strategically important goal for tesa. By using more biomass-balanced acrylic monomer materials from long-term partner BASF, tesa is able to introduce new and more sustainable tapes with lower carbon footprint. “This is another vital milestone in the transformation of our assortment towards greater product sustainability. In doing so, we are offering our trade and converter partners an additional USP to sell tesa products,” states Andre Richter, Head of Marketing Industrial Trade & Converting at tesa.

To spread the message of this important step on their sustainability journey and promote their Next Gen tape globally, the manufacturer has launched a comprehensive digital campaign under the theme “Makes sense”. This campaign runs in every region tesa operates in across more than 30 countries until summer. It is the first campaign of its kind in the industry segment, showcasing the geographical reach and scale of tesa‘s commitment to promoting more sustainable adhesive solutions. Customers are invited to visit the campaign landing page to learn more about the performance and sustainable aspects of tesa’s 4965 Original Next Gen. The landing page also features a CO₂ calculator, allowing individuals to understand the carbon footprint of their adhesive tape choices.


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