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Xiamen Changsu strengthens its production with additional five slitters from Kampf and Atlas

Xiamen Changsu Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 2009 and located in Fujian province South-Eastern China, is an international leading film manufacturer, integrating product Research and Development and intelligent manufacturing. The functional film, such as BOPA and BOPP cap film are provided in various fields of large consumer industries, for instance, food, daily-uses, pharmaceuticals, as well as electronic products and new energy vehicles.

For increasing capacity needs, Xiamen Changsu recently ordered additional five slitters from the combined Kampf and Atlas machine portfolio. The three Atlas ProSlitter BlackLine and BlueLine machines will be operating with their new BOPA production lines. Additionally, two Kampf PrimeSlitter BlueLine slitters have been chosen to meet the challenging requirements in the new BOPP Capacitor film. All machines are featured by new digital customer orientated technologies such as production status monitoring, maintenance control as well as online 3D spare parts catalogue, which are operated by my@vanced customer portal and the@vanced platform.

Complex products

As Xiamen Changsu concentrates on complex products, in their headquarters an exhibition was installed which shows the entire production and value chain for the manufacture of high-end films. In the last months, the Kampf mechanical design and apprenticeship team has handcrafted a model of the ProSlitter BlackLIne using 3D printing and other tools. On a recent visit at Xiamen Changsu, the sales team handed over the model as a gift which is going to be added to the exhibition centre.

Kampf and Atlas have stated that they are happy to cooperate with such a future-oriented company and look forward to continuing the established partnership.


Caption: (from left) Samson Chong (MD KHK), Patrick Zimmermann (Sales Manager China), Oliver Conrad (Sales Director), Mr. Zhang (Sales and Marketing Director), Md. Wu ShuQiong (Purchasing Manager)

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