Acer's carbon-neutral laptop

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AUO unveils green energy manufactured display for Acer’s carbon-neutral laptops

As the world shifts towards net-zero emissions, renewable energy plays a crucial role. AUO has become a pioneer by joining the global renewable energy initiative RE100, making it the first display manufacturer to commit to using 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. With a focus on sustainability, AUO extends its carbon management practices to supply chain partners, guiding the value chain towards green production commitments.

Recently, AUO announced the launch of the world’s first display manufactured using 100 percent green energy from self-sufficient solar and green energy wheeling, partnering with Acer to create the Aspire Vero 16 carbon-neutral laptop. Besides incorporating post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics and other innovative applications, AUO has developed an end-to-end solution during the display panel production stage, that includes energy efficiency, green energy manufacturing, and renewable energy certificate (REC) management. This initiative, based on low-carbon and digital transformation, enhances sustainable performance and captures new business opportunities in the green premium market towards net-zero emissions.

“The increasing demand for carbon reduction from global brands poses significant challenges for our supply chain. Leveraging our extensive experience in green manufacturing, AUO is at the forefront of developing and integrating sustainable smart manufacturing solutions,” said Paul Peng, Chairman of AUO. “Our notable achievements in carbon reduction, water and energy conservation, and innovative energy creation are well recognised. We see the challenges of global climate change as opportunities for innovation, establishing an extensive ‘digital transformation and green innovation’ business capability. This strategy enhances our competitive edge, and will continually share our knowledge and resources to lead the global value chain towards carbon reduction, reaching a more sustainable and inclusive vision.”

Pioneer in green energy solutions

AUO foresaw the challenges posed by climate change early on, embarking on energy conservation and striving towards more challenging carbon reduction goals. By utilising smart manufacturing capabilities, the company has enhanced energy efficiency, accelerated investment, and management in energy-saving measures, achieving over a 2 percent annual reduction in electricity consumption, thereby gradually reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, the display manufacturer has increased the proportion of renewable energy usage in stages. Leveraging years of expertise in the solar energy field, AUO entered from solar module hardware to investing in and managing PV plants. By establishing self-sufficient solar power plants at its facilities, AUO takes account of production capacity with green energy, extending green manufacturing to new green business opportunities and expanding the influence of the circular economy.

AUO created the world’s first display certified by the UL3600 circularity standard. Sharing a vision with Acer in technological innovation and sustainable development, they developed the eco-friendly concept laptop Aspire Vero. Continuing their collaboration through the introduction of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics, recycled glass substrates, and recycled steel for the back cover of the laptop display, their latest joint project, the next-generation Aspire Vero 16 AI carbon-neutral laptop, showcases a significant breakthrough in green energy innovation. Featuring AUO’s LTPS low-power panel technology, offering ultra-high resolution, ultra-narrow bezels, a high screen-to-body ratio, a lightweight design, and energy efficiency, this laptop contributes to carbon emission reduction. The display manufacturing process is powered entirely by green energy from self-sufficient solar and green energy wheeling, achieving a low carbon footprint and meeting international clients’ standards and expectations for green products.

Enhancing net-zero benefits to boost competitiveness

To ensure 100 percent green energy usage in the display manufacturing process, AUO developed the Renewable Energy Management System (REMS) for REC management. Certified by the National Renewable Energy Certification Center, the REMS system provides a basis for environmental benefits and serves as proof for businesses using green electricity. It enables tailored products, reserves essential green energy for production, and guarantees zero carbon emissions during electricity use. It enhances clients’ competitiveness and facilitates their global market entry. AUO provides a comprehensive solution covering energy conservation, green energy manufacturing, and REC management, simplifying the verification process for eco-friendly credentials. By actively reducing carbon footprints and aiming for carbon neutrality, AUO’s solution becomes a crucial tool for green innovations.

As carbon taxes and carbon border adjustment mechanisms gain prominence, we are entering an era where carbon is priced. Renewable energy will become a crucial competitive arena for businesses, making green supply chain management essential for global companies to maintain their competitive edge. AUO is progressively diving into the green product market, continuously improving energy efficiency across the supply chain, and focusing on promoting the use of recycled materials, packaging recycling, and other circular economy practices. By collaborating with clients to market green values, AUO is collectively unlocking its green premium carbon reduction goals and working with more global value chain partners to embrace a new era of green sustainability.


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