Aerial view of the Von Roll Site in Breitenbach


ELANTAS announces major investment to transform Von Roll Site in Breitenbach into leading hub for high-voltage insulation materials

In a significant development for the local economy and the global electrical and electronics industry, ELANTAS recently announced a groundbreaking investment plan for the headquarters of Von Roll in Breitenbach and Büsserach, Switzerland. Over the next three years, from 2024 to 2026, ELANTAS will invest CHF 12.5 million to consolidate all activities into the Büsserach area, renovating the existing buildings to the highest technological and sustainability standards.

The investment underscores a long-term commitment to the site, focusing initially on the relocation of the Von Roll Institute. The High Voltage (HV) testing lab will be equipped with the latest technological infrastructure and most modern test equipment as part of the move. It is set to establish worldwide benchmarks in HV insulation research and testing and will be completed by 2025. Renovations will also see the shifting of the composite R&D lab, e-mobility testing lab, services and utilities, office spaces and improvement of internal logistics culminating in a state-of-the-art infrastructure that promises enhanced efficiency and advancement.

“A clear statement of dedication to innovation and sustainability”

Ravindra Kumar, Division President of ELANTAS, says: “This investment is not just a commitment to the site but a clear statement of our dedication to innovation and sustainability. By bringing together the activities in one advanced location, we are setting new standards for the industry and creating an environment where our shared vision for the future can thrive.”

The renovation plans include a strong emphasis on sustainability, with initiatives such as the use of sustainable materials like wood for construction and the implementation of an eco-friendly lighting system. These efforts highlight the companies’ dedication to environmental responsibility.

“A hub of technological excellence”

Dr. Christian Hennerkes, CEO Von Roll, says: “We are thrilled to see our headquarters transform into a hub of technological excellence and sustainability. This investment not only secures the future of our site but also reinforces our role as a key player in the global market. The new Von Roll Institute will be a cornerstone for innovation, driving forward our contributions to the energy and mobility transition.”

The comprehensive renovation and investment plan marks a significant milestone in the integration of Von Roll into ELANTAS, following the recent acquisition as announced in August 2023. The investment project aims to enhance operational efficiency, foster innovation, and set new sustainability standards, ensuring vast opportunities for the two companies and their stakeholders.

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