A new generation of HeliaSol solar films with IEC 61215 certification

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Heliatek achieves IEC 61215 certification for its lightweight and flexible solar film

Heliatek, a global leader in organic photovoltaics, has achieved a major milestone, which, according to the company, confirms its technological leadership. TÜV Rheinland (Germany) has awarded the first product of Heliatek’s new generation of HeliaSol solar films the IEC 61215 certificate, confirming the durability of its flexible and lightweight solar film product line.

Heliatek’s customers around the globe have already seen HeliaSol proving itself in different applications and climates for many years, but no other commercially available organic PV product has ever passed the stringent IEC 61215 certification testing.

Broad IP portfolio

It is considered to be a true testament of Heliatek’s broad IP portfolio and deep expertise in vacuum-based roll-to-roll mass manufacturing processes. The certificate is also expected to be a great accelerator for the company’s solar films to get adopted by customers and installers in international markets and for installation in significantly large projects.

The IEC 61215:2021 and the also certified IEC 61730:2016 are the two critically important and internationally recognised standards for photovoltaic modules which set the technical framework for the design, manufacturing, and performance testing. They ensure that PV modules meet specific criteria for durability and safety – based on well-defined accelerated stress tests such as damp-heat, mechanical load, PID, UV or hail test. Being compliant with these two standards assures customers, installers, regulatory bodies, insurance companies, and financial institutes that the products have undergone stringent testing to achieve established quality benchmarks and fulfil the highest customer expectations.

“This achievement is a major milestone for Heliatek’s OPV technology and triggers the next phase in our mission to mass roll out our organic solar films around the globe together with our partners and customers, enabling truly green solar electricity generation from virtually any surface,” stated Guido van Tartwijk, CEO of Heliatek. “Passing the stringent requirements of the IEC 61215 standards sets a new benchmark for organic solar films.”

Increasingly robust, more stable and safer

Dr Eckart Janknecht, Solar Expert at TÜV Rheinland, emphasised: “We at TÜV Rheinland have accompanied Heliatek GmbH for several years on the way to an increasingly robust, more stable, and safer product. Thanks to the continuous further development of recent years, we are delighted that the first product in the HeliaSol series has now been successfully certified according to the world’s most important PV industry standards.”

The certification was achieved for HeliaSol 436-2000-CFE-45W-600V, which is the first of Heliatek’s latest generation of solar film products that will be launched soon. The certifications for other product designs and power classes are underway.


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