Fashion show at NANOTEXNOLOGY in Greece


NANOTEXNOLOGY 2024 – futuristic fashion show during plenary session

From 29 June to 6 July, NANOTEXNOLOGY, the International Conferences & Exhibition on Nanotechnologies, Organic Electronics & Nanomedicine, took centre stage in Thessaloniki, Greece, with high-ranking participants from many countries. 

“Energy from the sun must be accessible to all. And Science can help in this,” stated Prof S Ravi P Silva during his talk on “Carbon Nanotechnology. A route for technology platforms.” The keynote speaker of the event highlighted free energy from the sun which with the help of technology can reach every corner of the earth and every home. Silva is Director of the Institute of Advanced Technologies at the University of Surrey in England and has to his credit 50 patents. He referred to the development of new forms of alternative energy and highlighted that Thessaloniki, where the mass production plant for organic electronics is being set up, is becoming a centre of developments in terms of cheap, affordable energy from the sun.

3rd generation photovoltaics in Europe

In his opening speech, the President of Organic Electronic Technologies and coordinator of the European project Flex2Energy, Prof Stergios Logothetidis, referred to the evolution of the Nanotechnology and Organic Electronics Ecosystem and its important role in the development of the 3rd generation photovoltaic industry in Europe.

As a special form of inspiration, an innovative Nanotech Fashion Show was part of the keynote event: Dr Varvara Karagiozaki guided the international audience through a unique futuristic show that combined the haute couture creations of Vassilios Kostetsos with the world of Technology, Beauty and Healthcare.

“This future show was being held for the first time and we witnessed how technology products are combined with the world of fashion and beauty, offering new perspectives,” summarised Prof Logothetidis, who is also Chairman of the Organising Committee of NANOTEXNOLOGY 2024.


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