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TactoTek licenses IMSE technology to Polestar and expands operations in Japan

Polestar, a Swedish electric car brand, and Finnish smart surface pioneer TactoTek have entered a collaboration to explore integration of Injection Moulded Structural Electronics (IMSE) technology into Polestar’s vehicle programmes. The collaboration includes Polestar licensing TactoTek’s IMSE technology, products, and solutions to explore innovative lighting and human-machine interface (HMI) use cases.

IMSE parts are manufactured using clean additive processes. Because a single IMSE part typically performs the functions of a conventional multi-part assembly, designing for IMSE reduces complexity and streamlines global supply chains.

Seamless integration of electronics

By seamlessly integrating electronics, such as lights and controllers, into thin conformal plastic structures, IMSE technology enables advanced lighting features and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) that are both more sustainable and aesthetically appealing.

Licensing TactoTek IMSE technology is an opportunity for OEMs to enhance their design differentiation. With its single piece construction, IMSE simplifies structures and significantly reduces weight, it also minimises PCB assemblies and their negative environmental impacts. TactoTek’s suite of technology transfer resources enables Polestar designers to incorporate the full range of IMSE technology, including decorative and brand illumination, into their newest designs. TactoTek CEO Jussi Harvela notes: “Polestar’s licensing of IMSE technology is a testament to its significant sustainability benefits – with the potential to cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50%, our technology seamlessly integrates with Polestar’s vision of building sustainable solutions while delivering exceptional customer experiences.”

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Subsidy for Green Transformation Technology

Furthermore, TactoTek has expanded its operations in Japan and formed TactoTek KK with offices in Tokyo, from which it will serve Japan and other Asia-Pacific markets. In conjunction with expanding its presence in Japan, the company has been selected to receive a Tokyo Metropolitan Government subsidy for green technology transformation.

TactoTek has strong business relationships in Japan, including several licensees, and investors such as Cornes and Marklines. Makoto Seki, Senior Managing Director of Cornes Technologies Ltd.: “TactoTek’s IMSE technology is transformational: it enables design innovation for OEMs, offers meaningful advances in environmental performance, and supports creating advanced manufacturing jobs in Japan.” With its growing presence in Japan, TactoTek will support licensees and work directly with OEMs and brands to facilitate their adoption of IMSE technology in automotive and other industries.

Sami Hyyryläinen, TactoTek SVP Sales and Business Development, has relocated to Tokyo to expand TactoTek’s market presence: “With accelerating interest in our IMSE technology across market segments, we are investing in our long-term presence in Japan to support our licensees and help OEMs and brands realise the full range of benefits of IMSE technology, from design innovation and simplifying supply chains, to step-function improvements in sustainability.”


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