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Yanfeng and TactoTek partner to enhance future vehicle interior applications

Yanfeng, a leading global automotive supplier, and TactoTek, a pioneer and leader in smart surface technologies, will collaborate on the development of highly integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions for future Smart Cabin applications. The goal of this partnership is to combine advanced lighting, user interfaces, as well as various decorative trim with a deeply integrated product approach that enables exceptional design flexibility.

Yanfeng has made the strategic decision to integrate TactoTek’s Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE) portfolio as a technological layer in its worldwide Smart Cabin business. The intention is to enhance the overall user experience by offering advanced lighting features and introducing new functional elements like HMI, haptic feedback, and display integration.

Aligning with emerging automotive trends

This approach enables Yanfeng to align with emerging automotive industry trends, including autonomous driving, and addresses non-driving related tasks (NDRTs), thereby shaping the future of Smart Cabins and redefining the driving experience.

This collaboration strives to create a unique in-vehicle user experience by accelerating seamless lighting integration into all surfaces of future vehicle interiors. The IMSE technology offers fresh, unique design and styling principles for slim, compact configurations and unconventional shapes.

“The partnership with TactoTek is a great addition to support our global technology portfolio for future Smart Cabin applications and is designed for long-term engagement. Together we can offer innovative and integrated lighting solutions tailored to our customers’ needs in the automotive industry,” said Patrick Nebout, Chief Technology Officer at Yanfeng Technology. “By combining our expertise, we can accelerate design and development activities, providing advantages for our customers along the entire value chain.”

Beyond functionality

“Yanfeng’s leading role in the industry is crucial to the rapid transformation of the automotive sector. With our IMSE technology platform, we aim for this partnership to seamlessly merge the visual appeal, tactile experience, and functionality of vehicle interiors. Together, we are creating experiences for the end user that go beyond pure functionality – they are emotionally engaging, and define the essence of future mobility,” said Dr. Thomas Vetter, Senior Vice President of Global Automotive at TactoTek.



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