Ilkay Özkisaoglu


The Voice of Converting | Ilkay Özkisaoglu (Der Social CEO)

In this episode of The Voice of Converting, we talk to Ilkay Özkisaoglu, one of the leading German-speaking voices in the LinkedIn network. A conversation about B2B content creation, reach and algorithms.

“One cannot afford to not be on LinkedIn”

Özkisaoglu says: “Of course, I believe, one cannot afford to not be on LinkedIn. But there are different personalities. Some people like to show themselves in public and some people don’t like to show themselves in public. One of the main reasons is FOPO, “Fear of People’s Opinion”, i.e. the fear of being judged by other people. Reach is achieved by the people, the employees, the boss, the C-level. LinkedIn is very generous and theoretically grants these people unlimited reach, provided they do it well.”

Connecting the global workforce

According to Özkisaoglu, there are currently 22 million active members in the DACH region. When he signed up in 2008, there were one million. There’s still room for improvement! Worldwide, LinkedIn has now cracked the billion mark. However, this platform also has to contend with hackers, fake accounts and dubious zero-follower profiles.

Learn more about Özkisaoglu’s unique LinkedIn strategy and his personal journey towards becoming “The Social CEO” in our current episode of The Voice of Converting!

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