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Innoform Coaching & SKZ Conference – “Environmentally friendly plastic packaging – minimal, optimal, ingenious”

Innoform Coaching GbR, a leading educational partner in the field of flexible packaging, presents environmentally friendly plastic packaging with a clear focus on minimalism, optimisation and innovation. The fourth edition of the symposium will take place on 11 and 12 June 2024 at the SKZ-Modellfabrik in Würzburg, Germany, and brings together experts from industry, research and brand owners.

The event will highlight the five key aspects of sustainable plastic packaging: Material selection, recyclability, minimising material consumption, optimising the production process and improving product lifecycles through efficient product protection. In view of the current controversies surrounding plastic packaging, these topics provide answers to the pressing questions about environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Exchange of best practices

The content presented will provide a unique platform for the exchange of best practices, latest research findings and strategic approaches, focussing exclusively on plastic packaging. The conference is aimed at decision-makers, developers, production managers, buyers and sales staff in the packaging sector who are endeavouring to design, use or produce packaging more sustainably while keeping their finger on the pulse. It offers participants a unique opportunity to find out about the latest innovations and trends, expand their network and forge forward-looking partnerships.

The conference is organised in cooperation with the South German Plastics Centre (SKZ).

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