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M2N Converting Gipfel takes centre stage in Hamburg

The wait is finally over. On 27 and 28 June, the first M2N Converting Gipfel will take place at east Hotel Hamburg. Numerous key players from the German-speaking converting industry have confirmed their participation at the new event that is fully dedicated to companies from the roll-to-roll processing industry.

“We have compiled a high-calibre programme for our guests,” underlines PRO Flexconvert Editor-in-Chief Martin Hirschmann. “We aim to feature many of the most pressing issues of our time, including Artificial Intelligence, Safeguarding the Future in SMEs, the role of GenZ for the future of our industry and sustainability matters, to just name a few.”

Digital Transformation

In their presentation, digital transformation experts Julia Fuhrmann and Patricia Sailer will discuss how companies from the converting industry can successfully perform their own digital transformation, even when faced with the enormous challenges of our time. The speakers are experienced professionals and look back at impressive careers at leading players including MAN Energy Solutions SE (Sailer) and m3 /msg systems ag (Fuhrmann).

ChatGPT for Production in the Converting Industry

AI developer Michael Welsch and Igor Plez from Likora GmbH will highlight the enormous potentials of employing AI language models in the production of roll-to-roll converting companies. “AI is one of the most powerful tools that mankind has ever created,” Welsch said in conversation with PRO Flexconvert. The presentation will underline this statement with concrete examples out of the practical experience of both speakers. Artificial Intelligence as a competitive advantage – a vision that can already become reality today.

Succession in SMEs – a new Perspective to safeguard the Future

Business consultant Lena Lührmann and Lars Hagenlocher, Partner at VIDEOR E. Hartig GmbH, will talk about one of the most pressing issues for German industry. With a shrinking and ageing population and numerous companies failing in finding successors for their senior executives, strategies for succession are in high demand. This is where Lührmann can help with her expertise in consultancy at SMEs. The two speakers will share their journey together and highlight how VIDEOR was able to solve the issue of succession for the future of their business.

The Magic of Transformation

Reza Razavi is a sought-after expert for transformation and business culture and looks back at an impressive career with stations at leading corporations such as BMW. At the M2N Converting Gipfel, he will provide an optimistic vision of the future. Companies should take over responsibility for the challenges of our time, Razavi is convinced.

Evaluation of Sustainable Packaging

Dr David Strack is co-founder and managing director of the Central Agency for Green Commerce GmbH, a green tech specialist service provider for the analysis and evaluation of the sustainability of packaging. He is an internationally experienced and renowned retail specialist with many years of management experience in leading positions in international retail groups. In addition, David Strack advises and supports shareholders, board members and managing directors as an advisory and supervisory board member. At the M2N Converting Gipfel, Strack will highlight SUSYCHECK, a tool for comparing the sustainability aspects of different packaging solutions.

Technology Trends in the Battery Sector – Repercussions on the Converting Industry

“Social CEO” Ilkay Özkisaoglu, one of the leading voices of the German LinkedIn community, will host a panel discussion about converting and the battery industry to kick off the second day of the Gipfel. His guests will be Dr Christina Toigo, expert for energy storage and hydrogen technology; Jan Diekmann, VP Innovation of Customcells Itzehoe GmbH; and Uwe Becker, Managing Director of Becker Insulation GmbH. “The battery sector offers enormous opportunities for our industry. We want to encourage newcomers to enter this sector and hope that this panel can serve as a means of knowledge transfer and inspiration,” says Nina Pirchmoser, Head of Sales and Managing Director at M2N Media.

Social Media for SMEs – Recruiting Members of GenZ and Positive Communication in a New Age

Teresa Walter-Leitzgen, expert for Digital Marketing and Multichannel Content Creation, will emphasise the importance of Social Media for corporate communication in the digital age. “Even the smallest LinkedIn presence can make a big difference,” she is convinced. The passionate triathlete and marathon runner has built not only an impressive community on Instagram (focusing on sports and health topics), but is also consulting companies from different sectors in social media and corporate communications.

Full Focus on the Converting Community

“When we launched our company last winter, we repeatedly stated that the community should come first,” underlines Martin Hirschmann. “With the M2N Converting Gipfel, we aim to establish an event series that lives up to this principle by creating a space for networking, knowledge exchange and in-depth discussions. We fully focus on the niche market of converting – no distractions, no fillers. And to top it all off, we are looking forward to an exclusive dinnner event at Hamburg’s Elbdeck event space. The perfect setting for networking and an exchange of ideas!”

“Last-minute participation is still possible,” adds Nina Pirchmoser. “Find out more here on our website or contact me directly!”


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