Tim Rüttermann and Volker Selg at drupa 2024

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New leadership team for Hönle Business Unit Curing

The newly established Business Unit Curing of UV expert Dr. Hönle AG has completed its management team. Since February 2024, Dr. Tim Rüttermann has been the Vice President of the BU Curing.

Dr. Rüttermann, who holds a PhD in Physics, has held leadership positions in various internationally operating technology companies. Most recently, he worked as Senior Vice President of the Polymer Division and as SVP Transformation at EOS GmbH, the world’s leading provider of 3D printers. “Hönle operates in many different markets and in numerous applications with significant growth potential. For our customers, we develop pioneering technological solutions and manufacture the critical components predominantly in-house in Germany,” says Tim Rüttermann. “I am excited to lead the Hönle Business Unit Curing in this dynamic environment.”

“A true specialist in UV curing”

Hönle has also recruited Volker Selg, a true specialist in UV curing for printing and coating processes, who previously worked at IST Metz for almost 35 years, most recently as Head of Sales Converting & Print Web. “My priority has always been to provide the perfect solution for the customer’s application. At Hönle, I have the opportunity to implement this across various printing processes. It’s an exciting task,” says the UV expert. In the future, he will coordinate the individual units of BU Curing, which, in addition to Hönle, also includes the printing and coating experts Eltosch Grafix, PrintConcept, and GEPA Coating Solutions.

Together with the long-time Hönle Head of Sales Dieter Stirner, the new management team aims to advance the Business Unit Curing of Dr. Hönle AG. “Hönle has been a well-established supplier of UV systems for years and is a recognised development partner in the printing and coating industry. We have often been trendsetters for new technologies, especially when it comes to LED-UV,” emphasises Tim Rüttermann. The new structure aims to strengthen this innovative capability and elevate the global service to a new level.


Caption: Dr. Tim Rüttermann (left) and Volker Selg

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