Dr Valentino Villari, Gabriel Booch, Thomas Kolbusch, Heike Troles, Hermann Gröhe, Bertram Hartmann (from left)

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High-ranking politicians visit Coatema in Dormagen

Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH in Dormagen, Germany, welcomed important political visitors last week: Hermann Gröhe, member of the German Bundestag and deputy chairman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, and Heike Troles, member of the state parliament, were guests.

Managing director Bertram Hartmann and authorised signatories Thomas Kolbusch and Dr Valentino Villari gave the political guests a tour of the company, providing them with insights into innovative processes and technologies.

Green hydrogen, batteries and solar energy

The agenda included topics such as green hydrogen, batteries and solar energy. These are areas in which Coatema, as a manufacturer of coating lines, occupies a leading position in numerous production processes in the industry. The manufacturer also presented its successful participation in EU research projects, including the innovative Flex2Energy project, in which a new production plant for flexible solar cells is being built in Greece. The company’s industry-leading expertise and innovative strength as well as its commitment to sustainability and the development of skilled labour gave the politicians a comprehensive insight into current projects and challenges. The discussion centred on the importance of sustainable and future-oriented production, especially in light of the current economic situation in Germany and worldwide. In particular, the issue of the shortage of skilled labour in the region was also discussed.

Close links between politics and business

The visit by Hermann Gröhe and Heike Troles illustrates the close links between politics and business. Joint approaches for positive development in these important areas were developed in a constructive dialogue.

According to the company, Coatema continues to be a pioneer in innovative technologies and solutions and is actively committed to a sustainable future. The visit by the political representatives was an important opportunity to jointly set the course for successful cooperation.


Caption: (from left) Dr Valentino Villari, Gabriel Booch, Thomas Kolbusch, Heike Troles, Hermann Gröhe and Bertram Hartmann

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