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Schreiner MediPharm presents novel labels with gas barrier function at Pharmapack 2024

Schreiner MediPharm, a leading supplier of innovative packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, is going to present its new functional labels for reducing oxygen diffusion on COC syringes for the first time at Pharmapack. The international trade fair for the pharmaceutical industry will take place in Paris from 24-25 January. Schreiner MediPharm will be showcasing its latest product developments there at booth no. D78.

Prefilled polymer COC syringes have established themselves as an alternative to glass syringes in the pharmaceutical industry. They offer advantages such as break resistance, lower weight, greater design flexibility, and less protein absorption compared to glass containers. However, they have reduced oxygen and gas barrier properties which poses a challenge particularly in the case of oxygen-sensitive biologics and biosimilars that are used for treating cancer or autoimmune diseases.

Significant reduction of oxygen diffusion

The new labels with a barrier function from Schreiner MediPharm offer an innovative and efficient solution for mastering this challenge. Thanks to their special material selection and design, these functional labels can significantly reduce oxygen diffusion in COC syringes. Customers can choose between two variants: a Gas-Protect-Label covering the syringe barrel as much as possible and a Syringe-Closure-Wrap with an additional barrier function that wraps around the syringe barrel and the cap like a second skin and is sealed at the upper end. Due to its integrated first-opening indication, Syringe-Closure-Wrap additionally offers reliable tamper evidence.

Both label variants have been extensively tested on SCHOTT TOPPAC 1 ml long COC syringes in terms of their barrier properties and achieved impressive results: oxygen ingress is significantly reduced. Schreiner MediPharm develops the labels with a gas barrier function as customized products for the specific application and the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) contained in the syringe to ensure the best possible protective function. The labels enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to easily implement an oxygen barrier without adjustments to the primary packaging or complex process changes.

Cost-efficient and flexible

“Thanks to our functional labels with a barrier function, sensitive APIs in COC syringes can be reliably protected against gas diffusion without requiring major capital expenditures. Our solution is a cost-efficient and flexible response to the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry,” says Stefan Wiedemann, Senior Director Strategic Marketing and Business Development at Schreiner MediPharm.


Caption: The labels with gas barrier function can significantly reduce oxygen diffusion in COC syringes

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