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Vetaphone – “Building business in a competitive market”

Vetaphone CSO Kevin McKell says service is key to supporting top technology in his most recent article that he shares with the PRO Flexconvert readers.

It was not only the effect it had on public health, the Covid pandemic had a substantial impact on world trade, and its fair to say that the business scene today is fundamentally different from how it looked in 2019. The shortage of raw materials, the restrictions on travel and transport, the rapid change in consumer shopping habits, to name a few, all had a major impact on how investment in the capital goods sector was perceived and played out for the manufacturers involved – and we at Vetaphone, were obliged to review and revise the way we operated our business.

But, as with most crises, a new creativity emerged. Born of necessity, but based on good business practice, we sharpened our focus on more efficient production methods of our leading-edge technology, and importantly, ramping up our customer support with additional technical staff and an enlarged parts store.

24/7 operation, very fine margins

Many of our customers operate 24/7, working with very fine margins that can be seriously affected by downtime. In this production environment, reliability is essential. The problem is that all production lines are made up of many working parts from different manufacturers, and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. All machines can break down – it’s a fact of life! But it’s how a supplier responds to a breakdown that makes the difference between success and failure.

This is especially the case in markets like America, where customers are spread far and wide. We know we need to offer the security of local support, which we cannot do from Europe. That’s why we have invested heavily in a full after sales back-up of parts and service technicians who are locally based in the US. Our main parts store, located in Richardson, TX offers all Vetaphone’s American customers quick access to parts for next day delivery.

The parts store is close to the major DFW airport hub and stocks 90% of all routine parts for Vetaphone corona systems. It’s been a great asset and really boosted our business as customers could see how fast we can respond to their cries for help. With no significant time zone difference or language issues to contend with that might delay order processing, our American customers are now assured of the best quality back-up available in the market – as well as the most reliable technology, of course!

Testimonies from satisfied customers

Best of all, from our point of view, are the testimonials we receive from satisfied customers, who keep coming back for more. Take Robert Parker of Label King in San Diego for instance who said: “In my view, Vetaphone is the Cadillac of this market!” or Tim Takken of A-PAC Grand Rapids who stated: “We installed our first Vetaphone corona treater in 2018 and the second in 2020. Although it was an unknown brand to us, we have been well pleased with the result and their local support.”

Both are daily users of Vetaphone technology so rely on its consistent performance to help their businesses be successful. But praise comes too from the OEM side, with Jim Driscoll of EMT International claiming: “Vetaphone has been our preferred corona treater supplier since we fitted their first unit in 2013. Everything about the technology spells quality – ease of use, reliability, and great local support – it was not a difficult decision to make, and we have never regretted it.”

What links user and OEM together is the fact that they choose Vetaphone technology for its superior performance, and it’s the quality of our after-sales support that sets us apart from the competition – and that’s all about a business ethos that refuses to rest on its laurels!

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