The HERMA InNo-Liner system ensures resource-saving shipping and logistics labels without any release liner.

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WorldStar Award for HERMA InNo-Liner System

The World Packaging Organisation (WPO) finds that shipping and logistics labels without a release liner are an award-winning idea for sustainability reasons. It has now awarded the prestigious WorldStar Award in the “Packaging Materials and Components” category to the HERMA InNo-Liner System.

The WPO jury included packaging experts from over 40 countries. This year, they reviewed 435 submissions. Key evaluation criteria for the award included sustainability, creativity and innovation, as well as cost reductions and economy of material.

Award ceremony in Bangkok

The award ceremony will take place as part of the ProPak Asia trade fair in Bangkok, Thailand, in June of 2024. Only packaging and packaging materials and technologies that have already received recognition in a WPO-recognised national or international packaging competition in the last two years are eligible for participation in the WorldStar Awards. The HERMA InNo-Liner System won the Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design Award (PIDA) in 2023, in the “Sustainable Packaging Design – Labelling” category. Previously, this HERMA technology had already received the German Packaging Award in the sustainability category.

“We are very pleased about this additional award. It shows how solutions that have been proven to contribute to sustainable progress can now draw attention worldwide,” says HERMA Managing Director Dr. Guido Spachtholz. Martin Kühl, Head of HERMA’s Labelling Machines Division added: “The award is also a tribute to our Australian sales partner Result Group, whose managing director Michael Dossor recognised the market potential of the HERMA InNo-Liner at an early stage and successfully established it in his home market.”

Significantly less material use

With the HERMA InNo-Liner system, it is possible to completely dispense with a release liner for shipping and logistics labels. Being able to save the siliconized backing material is an enormous environmental advantage: this is about reducing thousands of tons of material that is useless after application and currently still has to be disposed of or recycled in a complex process. With the elimination of the backing material, freight costs and the required storage space for the label material are also significantly reduced. The HERMA InNo-Liner System is probably the first practical solution of this kind worldwide that meets the requirements of shipping and logistics centres.

Caption: E-commerce is booming worldwide. The HERMA InNo-Liner system ensures resource-saving shipping and logistics labels without any release liner. That’s why the World Packaging Organization has now awarded a WorldStar Award to this system

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