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Dracula Technologies selected by STMicroelectronics for full autonomous MCU

In a groundbreaking move towards enhancing energy efficiency and autonomy in microcontroller units (MCUs), Dracula Technologies announces that its LAYER Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) technology is fully compatible with STMicroelectronics’ latest ultra-low power microcontrollers.

LAYER empowers manufacturers and end users to create a battery-free future by using ambient indoor light to generate sustainable micro-power devices. The new advanced ultra-low-power STM32U0 microcontrollers for industrial, medical, smart-metering, and consumer applications are a new generation of energy-conscious and cost-effective MCUs that reduces energy consumption by up to 50% compared to previous MCU generations. LAYER empowers manufacturers and end users to create a battery-free future by using ambient indoor light to generate sustainable micro-power devices.

Member of the ST Partner Program

Formalizing this cooperation, Dracula Technologies is now a member of the ST Partner Program that aims to streamline the development of end-to-end solutions, reducing product development efforts and accelerating time to market. The initiative aligns with ST’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the ultra-low power segment.

According to Thierry Bousquet, STM32 Ultra-Low Power Product Line Marketing Manager at STMicroelectronics: “STMicroelectronics’ integration of Dracula Technologies’ OPV in an STM32U0 demo shown at Embedded World 2024 marks a new era of energy-efficient microcontroller units. Our aim in creating the low-power MCU STM32U0 was to enable applications that demand ultra-low power consumption, particularly crucial for numerous self-powered (autonomous) sensors, relying on energy harvesting instead of traditional batteries.”

Thierry Bousquet further emphasised, “One of the STM32U0 demos that garnered a lot of attention is an illuminometer built using Dracula Technologies’ OPV module. It runs on a small photovoltaic panel receiving only 5 lux instead of the traditional coin battery. We chose Dracula Technologies for its exceptional energy-harvesting capabilities, particularly in indoor low-light environments, enabling devices to operate under challenging conditions. The STM32U0 will help design teams save energy and provide the optimal compromise between energy consumption, integrated features, and cost-effectiveness.”

Close relationship and shared vision

Jerome Vernet, VP of Sales at Dracula Technologies, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with ST, stating, “This collaboration represents the culmination of our close relationship and shared vision, resulting in powerful synergies. Being chosen to power this product marks a significant milestone, and we are delighted to join the ST Partner Program to further drive innovation in energy harvesting.”

STMicroelectronics’ utilisation of OPV underscores the company’s dedication to harnessing cutting-edge technologies to meet the evolving needs of various industries. Leveraging the capabilities of Dracula Technologies’ OPV, the STM32U0 achieves unprecedented static power consumption levels, empowering engineers to optimise their designs for a multitude of battery-powered applications across industrial, medical, Smart metering, and consumer wellness markets.

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