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Ynvisible announces successful mass production of digital signs to market leader in Italy

Ynvisible Interactive Inc., a leading provider of printed low-power e-paper display products, has achieved a significant milestone by completing the mass production and delivery of 25,000 large-format digital signs for Fortech S.r.l., Italy’s leading provider of bespoke solutions for the fuel retail sector. Ynvisible and Fortech have now strengthened their partnership to engage in additional business throughout 2024 and beyond.

In developing PriceLink to present daily average fuel prices at gas stations, Fortech sought an innovative display solution that was battery-operated for wireless convenience, lightweight for ease of installation, and durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions. PriceLink needed to ensure clear visibility even in direct sunlight. However, Fortech found that existing technologies didn’t meet their comprehensive requirements.

Printed e-paper meets all requirements

“We explored electrophoretic e-paper, which was prohibitively expensive, reflective LCDs failed in sunlight legibility and were too bulky, while LED solutions consumed too much power,” said Roberto Dellavalle, Fortech Business Development Manager.

Ynvisible’s printed e-paper displays met all of Fortech’s requirements, significantly contributing to the product’s success. The ultra-low power consumption ensures extended operation, even on small batteries. The slim profile facilitates a lightweight and highly portable product.

“The PriceLink product is an excellent demonstration of Ynvisible’s offering for digital signs, especially battery-powered use cases. We made a custom signage solution based on Fortech’s requirements in only a few months, from drawing to roll-to-roll mass production and delivery,” explained Dirk Becker, Ynvisible Sales Manager Europe.

Growth in the digital signage sector

Ynvisible is poised for robust growth in the digital signage sector, driven by the demand for energy-efficient, cost-effective displays that are clearly visible in sunlight. The market potential for fuel price signs alone could reach up to €25 million across Europe. Beyond fuel price signage, Ynvisible is expanding into various applications, including city information signs, public transport displays, roadway signage, and signs for electric vehicle charging stations. Recognising these market needs and expansion possibilities, Ynvisible is committed to advancing its product line with turnkey, plug-and-play solutions designed for worldwide customer adoption.

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