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Project led by Epishine selected for funding from the EU

Epishine, a leader in printed organic solar cell technology, will lead a consortium that has been selected for funding of over 38 million SEK from the EU. The consortium will work with industry leaders for the future of OPV and sustainable electronics.

The project aims to demonstrate the potential of OPV technology to meet the diverse energy needs of markets such as Retail, Property Tech, and Consumer Electronics. Epishine is the leader of the project, with carefully selected participants who represent significant parts of the value chain. Industry leaders in Retail Tech, Consumer Electronics, and IoT play crucial roles, ensuring a comprehensive approach to the project’s success and further development in the field with a significant market connection.

Rapidly evolving technological needs

While Epishine is a leader in this area, continuous development is crucial due to the rapidly evolving nature of future technological needs. The project consortium, committed to advancing Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) technology, brings industrial partners together, allowing the integration of diverse expertise, vital for addressing both technical and practical challenges in OPV applications. Together, the group aims to accelerate the innovation of OPV technology into broader applications, meeting the demands of a dynamic global market. 

Epishine’s CEO, Anders Kottenauer, commented on the grant: “We are honoured to lead this project. This funding will enable us to further accelerate our joint market efforts and continue our mission of making self-powered electronics the standard.”

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