The Esterlam Portfolio of Advanced Doctor Blades

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Major upgrade for doctor blade technology

Esterlam Advanced Doctor Blades have surfaced as pivotal players in the industry, providing unparalleled advantages and facilitating improved coating processes in the production of battery separators and electronic coatings. Printing Technology Wache (Görlitz, Germany) provides an overview in this technical article.

With the ongoing expansion of the new energy sector, there is an increasing need for innovative technologies and materials to address the rising demands for energy storage and sustainable solutions.

For numerous years, Printing Technology Wache has served as the official agent providing technical support and direct sales partnerships for customers across various sectors of the packaging printing and coating industries.

Improved resilience and durability

Esterlam’s E10+ laminated polyester blade is reported to be leading the industry with its enhanced spring and wear characteristics, rivalling steel blades in performance while eliminating the risks of abrasion and potential dangers. This groundbreaking advancement facilitates precise control and consistent coat weights, ensuring optimal performance and productivity throughout production.

Through the A10 and A12 single substrate blade series, Esterlam demonstrates its dedication to versatility and adaptability in the new energy sector. These single-layer blades further enhance spring characteristics, guaranteeing even greater consistency and control during the coating process.

Introducing advanced polymer technology

Esterlam’s commitment to integrating the latest polymer technology advancements has resulted in state-of-the-art blade designs. These innovations offer professionals in the industry improved spring characteristics, ultimately leading to reduced waste, increased yields, and higher productivity. Leveraging these advanced polymers provides operators with unparalleled control over their coating processes.

Esterlam doctor blades feature self-lubricating properties, extending blade life when working with abrasive ceramic and graphite applications. This not only ensures cost-effectiveness but also reduces roller wear and scoring, thus minimising maintenance needs and downtime.

With various profile options available, Esterlam doctor blades can be tailored to specific coating processes, setting new benchmarks in electronic coating technology. By enhancing consistency and control over coat weights, these blades enable manufacturers to elevate product quality and drive advancements in the new energy sector.

Enhanced chemical and thermal properties

Esterlam Advanced Doctor Blades exhibit superior chemical and thermal properties, making them ideal for use in battery separator production and electronic coatings. These blades consistently meet stringent requirements for performance and reliability.

A significant advantage of Esterlam Advanced Doctor Blades is the elimination of steel blade particle contamination. This crucial feature guarantees the utmost cleanliness and purity in the energy manufacturing process, preventing any adverse effects on the final product’s performance.


The increasing significance of new energy technologies demands state-of-the-art solutions that improve production processes, minimise waste, and boost efficiency. Esterlam Advanced Doctor Blades have established themselves as indispensable elements within the new energy sector, providing unmatched control, durability, and effectiveness. Through their inventive blade designs and advanced polymer technology, they pave the way towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient future. As the industry progresses, Esterlam maintains its position as the benchmark for electronic coating technology, catalysing advancements in battery separator production and other applications in the new energy realm.

Caption: The Esterlam portfolio is available at Printing Technology Wache

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