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Opticon and Epishine showcase groundbreaking solar-powered Electronic Shelf Labels at NRF 2024

Opticon, in collaboration with Epishine, has unveiled its newest advancement in retail technology at the NRF in New York City: centralised light-powered electronic shelf labels (ESLs). This innovative offering signifies a leap forward in powering electronics, aiming to reduce the total cost of ownership for customers while providing a more sustainable solution to the retail industry. Showcased at the NRF, this technology demonstrates a commitment to both sustainability and cutting-edge retail solutions.

Epishine, a Swedish energy impact company, is at the forefront of redefining the capture of light with its printed indoor solar cells. Their technology captures indoor light, transforming how electronics are powered and pushing the boundaries of traditional energy sources.

Retail technology innovation

Opticon, a leader in retail technology innovation on barcode scanning and display solutions, is dedicated to introducing smart, sustainable solutions. Their collaboration with Epishine underscores the shared dedication to making a positive impact on the environment and revolutionising the retail sector with state-of-the-art technology.

“Collaborating with Epishine opens up exciting new opportunities in retail technology,” says Dick de Haas, International Sales Manager at Opticon. “Our concept of solar-powered ESLs, featuring a centralised solar panel on retail shelves, highlights our commitment to innovation. This approach enhances light absorption efficiency and tackles the limitations associated with individual solar cells on each label, such as inconsistent power supply and dependence on batteries. We’re taking a significant step forward in reimagining how light is captured and utilised.”

Ensuring consistent power availability

The new ESLs from Opticon, powered by Epishine’s innovative solar cells, offer several advantages. By optimizing light absorption and using a central power source for all labels on a shelf, they ensure consistent power availability. This approach eliminates the need for individual batteries in each label, allowing for a sleeker and more elegant design. The solution also reduces maintenance requirements, eliminates the need for battery replacements, and supports a sustainable retail environment.

“Our collaboration with Opticon exemplifies the synergy between technology and sustainability,” adds Daniel Westling, Chief Commercial Officer at Epishine. “Integrating our printed solar cells with electronic shelf labels sets a new standard for energy efficiency in the retail industry.”


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