TechBlick Berlin 2023

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TechBlick USA – The Flextronics industry gathers in Boston

From 12-13 June 2024, TechBlick, a leading platform for emerging technologies, is holding a US edition of its successful ‘The Future of Electronics RESHAPED’ conference and exhibition in Boston. PRO Flextronics has gathered some last-minute information for the American debut of the event series.

According to organiser TechBlick, the conference and exhibition will offer a curated two-track agenda covering cutting-edge technology and application developments. The agenda will be a mixture of industrial as well as applied research contributions.

Keynote Presentations on 12 June

  • Khasha Ghaffarzadeh (TechBlick): Welcome & Introduction (9am)
  • Masayuki Abe (Asahi Kasei): Development of Smart Logistic Solution Using Flexible Sensor with R2R Submicron Electrode Formation Technology (9:05am)
  • Thomas Tombs (Energy Materials Corporation): Commercializing High-speed Production of Perovskite Solar Panels (9:25am)
  • Jesus Zozaya (Voltera): Multi-layer Flexible Displays using Electroluminescent Ink (9:45am)
  • Jean-Charles Flores (Flexoo): Mass customization & mass production of Smart Sensors (10:05am)

Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, CEO of TechBlick, reported: “We have been overwhelmed by the industry response to this event and are delighted that we have sold all the exhibition booths. The agenda features 52 world-class organisations, many speaking for the first time in many years, in the US. Demand for attendee places too, is high and we fully expect that the event will sell out.”

Impressive exhibitor lineup

Alongside the Conference, TechBlick Boston will feature a range of renowned exhibitors including Notion Systems, Voltera, Brewer Science, Coatema, CondAlign, Henkel, Heraeus Electronics, Hummink, Kimoto, Neotech AMT, Panasonic, Panacol and Sun Chemical, among others.

The event will take place in the Ballroom at the Campus Center, UMass Boston, overlooking the waterfront. PRO Flextronics will be on-site to cover the exhibition live. You can look forward to exclusive insights and coverage in our media. Moreover, readers of PRO Flextronics can benefit from a special discount on all TechBlick products (live and online events, including TechBlick Boston and Berlin) by using the code PROFLEX2024.


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