Seamless integration of E-Align with Ynvisible displays

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Ynvisible and CondAlign partner to enhance E-Paper integration into smart applications

Ynvisible Interactive Inc., a leading provider of printed low-power e-paper display products, has closed a new commercial agreement with Norwegian material technology company CondAlign AS. Through this collaboration, Ynvisible will use CondAlign’s proprietary E-Align anisotropic, conductive film to connect its displays to a wide range of electronic devices, unlocking new markets and applications.

Key highlights

  • Flexible and thin solutions: Traditional connectors used to connect electronic components, are often too rigid and bulky for small, flexible, thin products like labels and cards
  • Enhanced integration: CondAlign develops and commercialises a proprietary film that works as a flexible tape and can be used to seamlessly connect e-paper displays with other electronic components in mass production processes
  • Expanding market potential: This partnership enables Ynvisible to address the high-growth markets of smart cards and smart labels, opening up significant business opportunities.

Ynvisible’s printed e-paper displays need to be connected to other electronic components and systems to create new products. Traditional component connectors are bulky and rigid, therefore not allowing the company’s thin and flexible displays to be integrated into products such as smart cards or labels. To solve this challenge, Ynvisible was on the lookout for an alternative.

By overcoming the limitations of traditional connectors, Ynvisible can develop highly flexible and thin e-paper-based solutions tailored for emerging markets, such as smart cards and labels. Using E-Align as a bonding solution will allow them to accelerate several development initiatives, such as the ones communicated in Q4 2023. This strategic move not only broadens Ynvisible’s market reach but also reinforces its position as a leader in sustainable, low-power display solutions.

Flexible and sustainable connecting solution

CondAlign is a Norwegian technology company specialising in the development and manufacturing of electric and thermal anisotropic conductive materials. The E-Align film from CondAlign, a flexible and sustainable connecting solution, enhances electronic component integration. Since it works as a double-sided tape that can be taped to an e-paper display on one side and the control electronics on the other, it creates both a mechanical and electrical connection. In addition, as Ynvisible, CondAlign also uses roll-to-roll manufacturing techniques for mass production. This alignment with Ynvisible’s production methods ensures a faster, more cost-effective, and environmentally friendly manufacturing and assembly process.

“The partnership with Ynvisible demonstrates the importance of having our E-Align film as an enabling component in the development and manufacturing of cost efficient and environmentally friendly flexible electronic products,” said Harald Wahl Breivik, CEO CondAlign.

Seamless integration of E-Align with Ynvisible displays

‍Ynvisible is already integrating the E-Align film into a new digital signage module, aiming to make E-Align the standard bonding method across its product range. This innovation will not only speed up production but also reduce costs, making the final products thinner, more flexible, and more sustainable.

“Extending our collaboration with CondAlign to include new sustainable solutions and expanded business opportunities is a significant step forward for both companies,” stated Milton Fernandes, Enterprise Project Manager.



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