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CPI builds sustainable growth with complete solution from BOBST

PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia (CPI) Flexible Packaging has grown 10% each year since its inception in 2019, thanks to a strategic partnership with BOBST. A key contributor to this success is oneECG (Extended Color Gamut) technology, which enables CPI to produce high-quality flexible packaging with great consistency and high speed while also lowering costs and offering better sustainability.

Located in Cikande, Serang, 50 km west of Jakarta, CPI Flexible Packaging was established primarily to serve the packaging needs of its parent company, the leading food manufacturer Charoen Pokphand Indonesia Group. The printing company specialises in producing laminated flexible packaging structures for frozen food, a sector that has witnessed significant growth in recent years.

Switch to in-house production

Previously, CPI Group bought packaging from outside suppliers. However, a few years ago, it made the strategic decision to bring the entire production process in-house. In setting up the new printing business, the company chose to install a state-of-the-art BOBST CI flexo press with smartGPS (Graphic Positioning System) and oneECG technology, complemented by a 450m/min BOBST multi-technology laminator. This shift also involved the establishment of an in-house prepress team and plate-making facilities. Investing in this One complete solution set by BOBST was essential in developing the new flexible packaging activities with success.

In a market where gravure still dominates, the strategy was, in some ways, a gamble. “Our complete flexo solution from BOBST is a break with the gravure tradition in this region, but I’m proud to say that this new approach has paid off, without compromising on quality,” stated General Manager Ms. Junny Kumala. “CPI is still a relatively new company, but we have proven that flexo is a cost-effective and sustainable solution.”

Efficient operations through automation

CPI is leveraging its BOBST printing and laminating capabilities to deliver the flexibility, reliability, and fast turnaround its customers require. Ms. Kumala said, “Run lengths are getting shorter – some are ultra-short, just 3000 to 8000 meters per job – and customers want just-in-time delivery, with no buffer stock stored at their warehouses. Fortunately, with our BOBST setup, we can meet those demands with high-quality printed packaging delivered in just three days.”

BOBST’s smartGPS precision plate mounting system has been one of the game-changers for CPI. This well-proven innovation eliminates operator interaction on press by automatically generating registration and impression settings offline, during the plate mounting stage.

“The various automation features on the BOBST flexo press aid our operators, speed up production, and increase productivity. Importantly, they also greatly reduce the resources needed for setup, so we save a lot of ink, materials, and energy,” Ms. Kumala stated.

She added, “We have also invested in BOBST’s Maintenance Plus programme, which reduces unplanned downtime. It helps to create excellent habits of regular maintenance, making sure the machine is always in good condition, ready to produce the next job.”

Fixing the gamut with oneECG

As global pressures for more sustainable solutions intensify, printing companies are compelled to adopt innovative technologies that can help them cut down on waste and energy usage. However, the demand for high quality persists.

In response, CPI embraced BOBST’s oneECG technology, which optimises colour matching, making it consistent and repeatable. By digitalizing colour matching, operator involvement is minimised, meaning printers experience fewer colour variations. All colours are printed with a fixed set of inks – CMYK alone or in combination with orange, green, and violet – eliminating the need for expensive spot colours and time-consuming changeovers.

“As well as reducing waste, we are seeing much faster makereadies and higher productivity with BOBST oneECG because the inks stay on the press. The colour consistency is also very high, both across the print run and for repeat jobs – a crucial factor for brand owners,” explained Ms. Kumala. “Additionally, our in-house prepress facility, coupled with oneECG, has streamlined our digital job-proofing processes, saving more valuable time.”

Looking ahead

Nearly five years into CPI’s partnership with BOBST, Ms. Kumala noted, “I can safely say that our experience proves BOBST to be a trusted partner in high-quality flexible packaging through its timely service, consistent product quality, and continuous improvement. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the local team for their unwavering support.”

CPI envisions substantial growth in the dynamic flexible packaging market and is actively exploring future investments. Ms. Kumala concluded, “Packaging, especially in frozen food, is a promising market due to the increasing demand for easy and cost-effective meal options.” As CPI continues to thrive, its commitment to sustainability and innovation remains at the forefront of its initiatives.

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