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IBD Wickeltechnik GmbH becomes the new general agency for the high-quality systems from Ferrarini & Benelli

IBD Wickeltechnik GmbH from Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, has taken over the general agency for the products of Italian manufacturer Ferrarini & Benelli in Germany as of 01 January 2024. This exciting partnership enables IBD Wickeltechnik to expand its product portfolio in the field of winding technology and to offer high-quality solutions for corona surface treatment and quality improvement.

The equipment from Ferrarini & Benelli is reported to be a perfect addition to their own product range and reflects their philosophy of highest quality. “Our customers can rely on products that not only meet their expectations, but exceed them,” IBD Wickeltechnik stated in a press release.

Tailor-made solutions for different needs

The new product range includes a wide selection of solutions specifically designed to fulfil precise requirements in various industries and applications. From activating surfaces to optimising adhesion and print quality, Ferrarini & Benelli’s systems offer tailor-made solutions for different needs.

“We are proud to be the general agency for Ferrarini & Benelli and their high-quality systems in Germany,” said Dennis Hermann, Managing Director of IBD Wickeltechnik GmbH. “This partnership enables us to offer our customers even more variety and quality in our product range and at the same time strengthen our position as a leading supplier in the field of winding technology.” The co-operation with Ferrarini & Benelli is regarded as a further step in the continuous development and improvement of IBD’s offering to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers. “We look forward to supporting our customers with these high quality solutions and are confident that this partnership will be of great benefit to both us and our customers.”


Caption: A system from Ferrarini & Benelli

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