Illuminated Label of Caviar Lianozoff released with Inuru OLED labels

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Caviar Lianozoff uses Inuru OLED labels for luxury branding

Caviar Lianozoff, a leading name in the luxury food industry, has launched its latest product, Lumière, featuring innovative Inuru OLED labels. This collaboration with Inuru marks a significant step forward in enhancing the luxury experience for discerning clientele.

Caviar Lianozoff sought a way to captivate and engage customers amidst a sea of options. Inuru’s cutting-edge OLED labels offer a unique solution, creating an unparalleled sensory experience that sets Lumière apart in the competitive luxury market.

OLED labelling used in premium branding for luxury industry

The Lumière experience begins with the packaging itself. Upon receiving the product, customers are greeted with a mesmerising illumination as the OLED label lights up on top of the box. As the lid is lifted to open the box, a soft glow emanates from underneath, delicately illuminating the caviar within and showcasing its exquisite quality in a captivating display of light and luxury.

“The integration of Inuru OLED labels in our Lumière product represents a pivotal moment for Caviar Lianozoff,” said Karim Moubarik, CEO of Caviar Lianozoff. “We are committed to delivering unparalleled experiences to our customers. With Lumière, we are redefining the art of caviar indulgence, offering not just a product but a transcendent journey.”

Inuru’s technology provides versatile labelling solutions that serve multiple purposes, from enhancing product presentation to elevating brand engagement. The Lumière launch showcases the seamless integration of Inuru OLED labels, with two labels applied on top and underneath the closure-lid, closing the Caviar container, creating an enchanting visual spectacle that captivates the senses.

Expansion in the luxury industry

“The luxury industry is one of the key drivers of innovation in the world and our first step toward our vision of a smart and re-useable future. Being able to afford the higher associated cost at the early stages of technology development, they are a key enable to scale our technology. As our technology improves the tech will be available to a wider audience,” says Marcin Ratajczak, CEO of Inuru.

Lumière is set to hit the market in Q2 2024. It is the second establishment of Inuru OLED technology in the luxury industry. In 2023 Champagne Cattier launched GLAMOUR. Inuru is targeting to continue the expansion in the luxury industry in 2024 with further product releases being expected in 2024.

Inuru is a pioneer in the field of OLED labelling technology, specialising in creating captivating visual experiences through innovative light-enabled labels. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional packaging, Inuru empowers brands to captivate consumers and elevate their products to new heights of distinction.

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