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IGEPA group becomes Heliatek’s exclusive specialised wholesale partner

Heliatek, a global leader in organic solar films, and the IGEPA group, one of Europe’s leading wholesale trading groups, have finalised an exclusive partnership for the wholesale distribution of the innovative solar film HeliaSol. The exclusive distribution partnership between IGEPA group Germany and its seven trading houses in Germany, as well as its locations in AT, CZ, and CH with Heliatek, underscores the commitment of both companies to promoting sustainable energy generation in Europe.

Together, the companies aim to tap into new market potentials. HeliaSol, the ultra-light, flexible and ultra-thin solar film can be glued onto virtually any building surface. This transforms rooftops or façades into active, sustainable solar power generators, making a visible statement for sustainability.

Reaching new customers and regions in Europe

Guido van Tartwijk, CEO of Heliatek: “The collaboration with the IGEPA group is a significant step for us to reach new customers and regions in Europe, thereby increasing the awareness and distribution of our solar films. With its trading houses, the IGEPA group has an excellent regional proximity to exciting customer groups that we currently do not serve. We are convinced that our unique solar films are highly attractive to many customers as they enable them to become more energy-independent in a simple and sustainable way – regardless of where on a building.”

Gunnar Fecken, Managing Director of the IGEPA group: “Sustainability is important to us. In this case, we see a great opportunity for our customers to achieve economic success with innovative and sustainable products. Therefore, we are ready to take action. Many of our customers already work with various films in the context of buildings. With Heliatek’s solutions, our customers can now also enter the booming solar market. The films can be used on almost any building surface and transform areas into ultra-green power generators. Easy to install, sustainable, and Made in Germany. A perfect solution for roofs and facades to not only visually but also functionally make a visible statement for sustainability.”


Caption: Heliatek and IGEPA group representatives at the signing of the partnership agreement

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