From left: Karsten Kloepperpieper (JCS), Nina Pirchmoser (M2N), Guido Lebbing (Lebbing) and Martin Hirschmann (M2N)

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Jagenberg Converting Solutions highlights the next evolutionary step in decorative rotogravure printing

A new and ready-for-delivery decorative gravure printing press took centre stage at the in-house exhibition of Jagenberg Converting Solutions (JCS), which was held at Jagenberg subsidiary WDB Systemtechnik GmbH in Enger (near Herford, Germany). After a guided tour of the machine, the PRO Flexconvert team met for an exclusive interview with Karsten Kloepperpieper, Head of Sales and Project Management at JCS, and Guido Lebbing, Managing Director of Lebbing automation & drives GmbH.

What is the task of WDB Systemtechnik GmbH within the Jagenberg Group?

Karsten Kloepperpieper: Within the Jagenberg Group, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Jagenberg Converting Solutions, WDB is responsible for the development and construction of the systems. We have invited you to the Open House today because a system has been completed that will soon be delivered to the USA.

How did this project come about and what exactly are we seeing here?

K. Kloepperpieper: We are seeing follow-up order number three at the in-house exhibition today. The first prototype is already in operation, the second one is currently under construction and is due to go into operation soon. The system we are presenting is designed for the decorative printing of PVC films for the LVT sector – Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Our customer is Interprint in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. This company operates a large decor printing plant there, specialising in paper. But now they want to expand into film printing.

What role did Lebbing automation & drives play in the development of the system presented today?

Guido Lebbing: We contributed the complete drive and automation technology, as you would expect from Lebbing. This starts with the design of the drive motors and continues with the switch cabinet construction and programming, right through to the preparation for commissioning.

What special challenges had to be taken into account for this project?

G. Lebbing: To answer this question, you have to look at the system technology. For example, we paid attention to extremely short web paths. Accuracy and efficiency were also important criteria during development. The first system, which is already in operation at the customer’s premises, reflects exactly that. His feedback has confirmed that the system fulfils the high expectations in terms of efficiency, accuracy and avoidance of waste.

Which Jagenberg partners are also represented at the in-house exhibition?

K. Kloepperpieper: We have invited all those partners who are also represented in the system. Firstly, the company adphos, which has integrated a pure NIR (‘Near Infrared Radiation’) drying system into the plant as a novelty. A corona system from Vetaphone has been installed for pre-treatment. The non-contact web cleaning system was supplied by Meech. We also use a web edge control and an inspection system from BST Group. The electrostatic printing aid (ESA) from ENULEC is another important feature of the system.

However, there are other partners present who are not directly involved here, but with whom we are currently working intensively on new projects. Examples are a hybrid solution combining analogue and digital printing from NEOS, as well as the innovative surface technology from IOT GmbH.

How is the order situation at JCS at the moment?

G. Lebbing: We are pleased with the very good order intake and are looking forward to what is to come! Of course, we would like to launch additional projects. That’s why we’re exhibiting at drupa with Jagenberg Converting Solutions – representatives from Lebbing will also be at the trade fair.

Caption: Karsten Kloepperpieper, Nina Pirchmoser, Guido Lebbing and Martin Hirschmann in front of the impressive machine

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